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Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

Longview Rehap, Missouri Valley, Iowa

Longview Home provides a complete spectrum of rehabilitation services to meet the needs of the patients in our facility. The patient is fully engaged in setting their rehab goals along with the Longview care team and their physician. Whether that goal is to return to home, a different living arrangement or staying long term at the facility, Longview will work with the patient to meet these goals. Infinity Rehab provides Longview with on-site physical, occupational and speech therapists. Infinity Rehab works alongside the interdisciplinary team to provide the patients with a rehab environment 24 hours per day.

♦ Therapy services are available 6 days per week means minimal delay or break to services.

♦ Full rehab scope provided from brief interventions and restorative services to intensive, daily multidisciplinary care to those rehabbing to go back home.

♦ Therapists specialize in the treatment of the elderly and including those with complex rehab conditions such as stroke, multiple fractures and trauma.

♦ Rehab team leader is on-site and provides leadership to the rehab team to achieve the best outcomes.

The therapists attend an average of 3 to 4 professional education courses per year, bringing fresh treatment approaches to our complex population.

♦ The physical therapy staff at Longview specializes in neurological and musculoskeletal diagnosis, gait analysis, and balance/fall risk assessments, especially in the elderly populations.

♦The occupational therapy staff specialize in activities of daily living retraining and cognitive testing to help determines safe discharge destinations.

♦ The speech therapists have experience and extensive knowledge of the geriatric population, dysphagia, cognitive assessments, language techniques and swallowing disorders

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1010 Longview Rd. Missouri Valley, IA 51555